What’s My Name Again? Free Travel Blog Name Generators

Choosing a travel blog name isn’t easy. Just ask any established travel blogger. Whatever you choose will need to stand the test of time. It will need to be open enough to grow with your travel blog yet specific enough to stick out from the rest of the travel blogging crowd. In other words: you need an awesome travel blog name.

The problem is naming one. It isn’t always as easy as you would think. The Internet has been around for awhile now and so have blogs. You will likely have to go through a number of names before you find one that is currently available (and won’t cost you thousands of dollars for the name alone). It can be a frustrating process, especially when you discover that the name you really wanted is already gone. It can happen over and over and over.

But it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any names left. Before you get too discouraged, know that if or when you find yourself stuck, there is a different option. To stimulate your creative inspiration, why not check out a free travel blog name generator? There are a surprising number of free generators to help you choose a great name for your travel blog.

For travel blog name inspiration, why not check out a free travel blog name generator? There are a surprising number of free generators to help you choose a great name for your travel blog. These name generators can offer up excellent travel blog name suggestion to help you find the best travel blog names that fit.

What’s more, many of them let you see if a name is currently available. so you don’t need to fall in love with a name, only to discover it, too, is taken.At the very least, a travel blog name generator could help get you thinking in a different direction. Here are a slew of good name generators.

When it is the right name, you will just know.

Travel Blog Name Generator



Domainr offers a clean interface so you can sort through potential travel blog names without the clutter.

A clean and minimalist interface helps Domainr stand out. Type a term in the search bar and watch related domain names instantly appear right before your very eyes. Enter complete terms to rustle up more ideas. It’s a simple and to-the-point tool without a lot of bells and whistles so it is perfect for anyone who wants to get started without having to take the time to learn something else. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Domainr is so simple, you do have time for this one.


DomainsBot blog name generator makes it simple to see if your chosen name is taken.

Turn your idea into a name for your travel blog. That’s the idea behind this service, anyway. It’s easy to see everything you need to know at a glance. Enter your keywords, choose among their suggested variants, add in other words, synonyms, prefixes, and even suffixes to form a name that potentially fits based on what you’ve entered into the fields. Then watch the suggestions pile up. Pick your favorite and begin.

Name Mesh

If you need a name for your travel blog, check out Name Mesh. With a multitude of categories, it’s fun to use and easy to read.

This might be one of the most fun ways to generate a new name for your travel blog. No, really!Enter two or three different words you want and watch the color-coded results pour in. Every category on Name Mesh possesses a different color. It churns out a rainbow of blog names. The categories include:

  • Common — such as .com, .net, .org.
  • New — recently released extensions like .blog.
  • Fun — blending or misspelling words for a unique result.
  • SEO — uses similar words to keep your SEO intact.
  • Short — overlaps your keyword with the TLD, such as del.icio.us.
  • Mix — overlaps prefixes, suffixes, and more with the keyword.
  • Extra — generates blog names using lesser known TLDs (those that aren’t .com, .net, etc.).
  • Similar — creates alternatives based on synonyms, related words, and more from a database containing over 6 million words.


Need an awesome blog name? NameStation is one more name generator that can help you develop a great name for your new travel blog.

The prompt wants to know what you are naming. You will want to type in “travel blog” or “travel website” or something else that reflects what your blog is going to cover. In an interesting twist, this site will display a selection of names that would be good for different circumstances. For example, “travel blog” returned “Booknoid.com” as a “good name for a travel app. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see page after page of related names. NameStation also allows you to see name creation by type, such as those that are

  • Made-up
  • Compounds
  • Modified compounds
  • Affixed words
  • Alliteration
  • Portmanteaus
  • Real words


It’s easy to use SpinXO to find a travel blog name. Use the options to filter your results.

This travel blog name generator has six different spaces for you to fill so it can help narrow down a name. Enter in topics (like “travel”), things you like, your focus or niche, important words (if you wanted to include your name, for example), any other important keywords, and numbers. Fill in as many or as few options as you want. If you see a name that sounds interesting, you can click on it, and the site will let you know if the name is taken on social accounts. You will still need to check with a domain registrar but it’s an easy way to begin.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search with “Travel Blog” entered into the name generator provides a handy chart of potential options.

In mere seconds you can start and finish your .com domain name search. All you need to do is to type in a word that must be included in your travel blog’s name. After that, the tool will get to work, compiling a very large list of potential blog names. While many are, of course, downright hilarious or impossible, it is easy to see what names are available (they are highlighted in green), what names are taken (highlighted in pink), and any names you have favorites (in yellow). Click on a name to see if the Twitter username is available. Sort the list via popularity, alphabetically, or by length.


Will it be heartbreak or true love? Panabee’s blog name generator gets the point across in a unique way.

Describe your work or focus in two words and type them into the search bar. Let the blog name generator get to work. Taken names will show a broken heart icon (aw, sad) but available names will display a heart icon and what it would cost to purchase the domain name. You may sort through other domain extensions than .com (there’s many, including .blog, .life, .me, and so on). It’s also meant to be used as a way to discover company and app names. This could prove useful as you look to see if your chosen name has already been taken by a lesser-known brand.


If it feels like all the good travel blog names are taken, use Wordroid to make up your own.

Okay, now this is fun and hilarious because Wordroid is all about creating made-up words based on your terms. Say, what? It’s true. Enter a word. Then, choose some conditions to go along with it. Pick what language you want, how close to the original term you want it, the pattern, and the length. You can easily see what words (and .com or .net domains) are available or taken. If you are tired of every domain name you plug into the system being taken, creating unique travel blog names with Wordroid might be the way to go.

Best Travel Blog Names

Finding a name for your WordPress travel blog doesn’t have to be stressful. Give it time to simmer. Play around with the different options above. See if anything grows on you or you get that feeling like you might be onto something. If so, keep going!

Don’t abandon the idea because you get stuck on a name. If you are truly stuck, start writing your travel blog posts. You should have at least five posts minimum ready to go live on your blog anyway (and it is always a good idea to have plenty of drafts prepared ahead of time for a future posting).

Keep thinking about a name in the background, but do some real work on your blog too. Make it an actual thing and not just something you are dreaming about. When you feel a little more focused on it, the right name might just come to you when you least expect it.

Do you already have a blog name in mind? How did you come up with the idea? Leave the story of your travel blog’s name in the comments below.

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