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Using ViralTag to Automate Your Pinterest Pinning

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After reviewing a multitude of social media scheduling tools for auto posting to Pinterest, it was clear that ViralTag needed a closer look. This comprehensive Pinterest scheduler offers a variety of options to help you get the most out of your Pinterest pins without wasting time.

Why ViralTag? For starters, you don’t have to cough up any cash just to see if it is a good fit for you. Instead, you can take advantage of ViralTag’s generous fourteen day trial period so you can put the tool through its paces before deciding to commit.

Powerful Pinterest Tool

ViralTag pin scheduler
Some auto pin schedulers feature the same handful of Pinterest all-stars over and over. That doesn’t happen on ViralTag. Cycle through pins by category and find exactly what you need–from a multitude of other bloggers.

A clean dashboard is a must. No tool should have extra bells and whistles just to have extra bells and whistles. VirtalTag makes good use of a clean interface so any social media manager or blogger can easily find what they need without the frustration of searching around.

All of the nifty features (from finding content to creating Pinterest graphics) are clearly labeled.

What’s more, you can pin to multiple boards and multiple Pinterest accounts all at once. You don’t have to sign in and out of multiple social media scheduling tools so you can access the accounts you need to update. Instead, you can do it all from one place helping you keep your travel blog updated without the hassle.

Why Use a Service like ViralTag?

Design in Canva with ViralTag
ViralTag integrates Canva so you can design your Pinterest posts in no time at all–and without having to open a second browser window. It’s easy to see what you have created and you can fiddle with the design to use a refreshed version again.


“A piece of content with a visual receives 94% more views on average than that same text shared without a visual,” shared Jeff Bullas on his site.

Images are clearly a powerful way to cut through the noise of social network postings–when they are done well. If you’ve been on Pinterest long enough, you know that there are plenty of Pinterest pins with images that, well, suck. They look horrible. The images are out of focus, the text is wonky, and there are fifteen too many colors.

That’s where ViralTag comes in. This Pinterest tool integrates your Canva account so you can create stunning Pinterest images, at the recommended size, for optimal shares. You can use the free or premium layouts within Canva so you always have a pin that looks great–and hopefully, attracts plenty of clicks.

You no longer have to flip flop between two different sites to create worthy Pinterest images. Instead, you simply log into your ViralTag account, click on the “Design” button located along the top center menu header, and choose what social network you want.

Canva will load right in the same window. It’s the same Canva dashboard you are already familiar with so there’s nothing new to learn either. See how easy it is to design a new Pinterest graphic? Get more attention and gain more clicks.

Schedule Social Media Posts with ViralTag

ViralTag Review
ViralTag Review: gorgeous dashboard, simple to use, and effective at building a following.


The star of the show here, of course, is finding new content for your travel blog, or whatever other blogs you also own, and scheduling it through ViralTag.

According to a Pinterest post, there are more than 150 million people using Pinterest each month. What’s more, 70% more men are joining the service than last year.

Now your travel blog content can appeal to the needs of many more potential readers right on Pinterest–with the right pins.

Discover new content from within ViralTag easily by heading to the “Explore” tab on the left-hand side of the page. Sort through the tabs to find the topic you want or enter one of your own in the search bar. It will then reveal a slew of pins for you to schedule.

ViralTag offers another option to keep your pinning content fresh: the use of Feeds. You can add a feed searching for topics or manually. Either way, it is simple to add on your favorite sites. After you enter your preferred search term or category, you can click on the button to add them to your feed.

Now you can have a fresh slew of content from new sources and your familiar favorites all in one easy-to-use social media management tool.


Finding this awesome pinnable content isn’t enough. Now you need to be able to add it to your Pinterest account when it will be best for you. To get you started, ViralTag has a queue of time slots for each day of the week. You can add your own or delete time slots as necessary.

Then, when you head to a pin and click “Share” from the “Explore” page, you can add it to your queue and it will automatically place it into the next available slot, without any extra effort on your part. Or, you can set a new time and schedule it to post whenever you desire.

Pick the Pinterest category where it belongs and decide whether it is “evergreen” content or not. You can use this content when you need something to post but don’t have time to browse. Instead, you can let ViralTag choose your most popular content that’s been tagged “evergreen” and it will schedule it in automatically.

They call it “post recycling.”It is a great feature for every busy travel blogger.

Pin Scheduler Automates Your Pinterest Account

If you’ve been looking for an “easy” button when it comes to automating your Pinterest pinning, this is it. ViralTag gets the job done. You don’t have to worry about manually setting a time when you schedule new content (unless you so desire) and you have different ways of finding new items to pin.

Just don’t forget that Pinterest should be a balance of sharing content from others and of your own.

The recommendations for how much you should pin in a day vary wildly. As a general rule, choose what works for you. Some people recommend pinning five items each day while others opt for thirty (and more).

Test it. See if you see an increase or decrease in followers, likes, and shares. ViralTag has analytics built in so you can see at a glance how your pins are doing. As if that weren’t enough, you can even add the ViralTag Chrome extension so you can pin no matter what site you are on.

Take ViralTag for a spin with the free trial. It might just be one of the best decisions you’ve made about how to successfully use social media for your travel blog.

I’d love to know how ViralTag works for you. Please leave your favorite tips and tricks to get the most out of the ViralTag service in the comments section below so everyone can benefit. 


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