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Good Readers Gone Bad: Real Comments from the Trenches


Reading Time: 10 minutes86 Ways to Create Connections with Blog Commenters No Comments? Your Blog Sucks How To Engage Your Readers so They Leave Comments Readers, and the comments they leave behind are a big deal. They are obviously a big deal or else variations of the headlines I made up above wouldn’t …

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How To Start Writing a Travel Blog Post

how to write a travel blog article

Reading Time: 10 minutes Travel Blog Writing Fast Facts: Stick to a writing routine so you don’t forget to include a heading, subheadings, or links. Chunk up your posts into roughly three sentence paragraphs. Write a minimum of 500 words (put don’t add unnecessary words). Include images and other media to appeal to a …

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Is a Travel Blog Right for You?

Travel blog inspiration

Reading Time: 9 minutesYou’ve been thinking about starting your own travel blog but maybe you aren’t sure if you should or not. You might even feel as though your idea isn’t good enough. You might worry that you can’t take images as good as that blogger or that your writing isn’t as strong …

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Choosing the Best Travel Blog Names

Travel blog names

Reading Time: 9 minutesNames are powerful things. Wars have been started over them, feelings can be hurt by them, and when it comes to travel blog names, the name you choose will serve to establish your brand’s identity. Forever. It’s a big deal. This is how people will find your blog, refer to …

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