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Social Media Management Tools for Pinterest

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Every travel blogger needs to create a free Pinterest account and start pinning but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or feel impossible. Yes, that goes for those of you who are just beginning your travel blog too. For those of you already in the trenches, you know that finding worthy pins for your board can become a time suck. After all, the goal of Pinterest isn’t only to promote your content but to promote the content of others too.

As with the rest of social media, it is all about engagement. 

Many of these Pinterest schedulers offer free trials. They may range from a period of days to a certain usage rate, such as when you reach 100 pins. It’s a great way to try out the different options and see what works best for you. There is no “right answer.” There is only what best mimics the way you work and the kind of dashboard you prefer.

Try them out, have fun with it, and let everyone know what you choose in the comments section below. 

Pinterest Scheduling Tools

Board Booster

BoardBooster pin scheduler
Don’t let your Pinterest boards die because you don’t have time to deal with them. Instead, turn to a service like BoardBooster and schedule your pins in advance.

Your first 100 pins are free so you can test out the service and see what you think. After your 100 pins are used, Board Booster plans are priced by the month, with a variety of pin counts. To give you an example, 500 pins a month would cost you $5 (at the time of this writing). Board Booster will let you pin from the app or the site. You can easily pin to group boards using campaigns. Here’s what they have to say about it:

  • Random Campaigns are for contributing your seasonal and evergreen pins to group boards. You can designate one or more of your boards as the source of pins or provide a list of pins that you selected for this campaign. BoardBooster will pick pins from your source and contribute them to your group boards while honoring the contribution limits for each board and reducing repetitiveness to the absolute minimum.
  • Scheduled Campaigns help promote brand new blog posts across multiple group boards. They take pins from one secret board and repin them to multiple boards according to your schedule. The schedule can include repins to different boards over a number of days. For example, if you are a chef that contributes to several recipe group boards, you can create “My Recipes” campaign that includes all these boards. Then whenever you post a new recipe, simply pin it to the secret board that feeds “My Recipes” campaign. The campaign will gradually add your new pin to all your recipe boards according to your schedule.

The service will track your success and help you see the best time to pin, letting you see your rate of repins compared to others. Spammers, don’t even think about it. Board Booster monitors activity so anyone trying to game the system will be executed. Just kidding–but violators will be removed from the service.


This unique option isn’t designed to help you find pins, instead, it will automatically push the new content on your WordPress travel site to multiple social networks–so you don’t have to. How easy is that?

Here’s what they have to say:

Instead of manually sharing your blog content on social media, Blog2Social saves you the time and pain of manually sharing your blog posts and images on social media.

To get started, you need to download, install, and activate the plugin. From the Blog2Social menu, you’ll see an option for “Posts and Sharing.” Choose whatever travel blog post you want to share with your social media followers, then click on the green button to “”Share on Social Media.” Click “Add More”to add the social networks you need.

Choose the time you want your items to post or let it post for you automatically. Easy, peasy.


Buffer pinterest scheduler
Buffer is a Pinterest scheduler that is simple to use. Don’t waste any more time manually scheduling your pins!

If you have spent any time online, you have probably seen this social network scheduler mentioned more than a few times. That’s because they have a free plan for updating your Facebook and Twitter account. But in order to update your Pinterest account, you have to pay up. Upgrade to Buffer’s Awesome plan ($10 a month) and you can keep your Pinterest account busy

More than 3 million people rely on the service to help build a following. Buffer will share your content at the best times–so you get more shares and repins than you would otherwise. To pin, you may install the browser extension, get Buffer for Android, or get Buffer for iOS. It’s easy to figure out how to use this social media scheduler even if you are new to online marketing. With Pablo integration, you can create your Pinterest graphics on the fly.


Postcron Pinterest scheduling tool
Bulk update all the things with the Postcron Pinterest scheduler. Upload up to 1000 pins at a time from a Google Doc or an Excel spreadsheet.

Schedule your post to Pinterest and even add a watermark to it–automatically. With Postcron, you may post up to 1000 pins at once from a Google Docs file or Excel. You can maintain both your personal and business accounts so you never have to waste a bunch of time manually adding in your posts again.

If you head to the Content Gallery’s Social tab you can automatically get Pinterest photos and images to schedule and share on your personal or business Pinterest accounts. Use the PostCron Chrome extension and you can schedule images from any website or social network you visit. All you have to do is hover over the image you want to use in your pin, then select the Postcron icon from the menu option.

Take it for a spin with the free trial. Then, you can choose one of the several plans. At the time of this writing, the least expensive plan will run you $12.49 a month annually for up to fifteen social network accounts. It scales up depending on how many team members you need to add. For a solo travel blogger, you can get by with the basic plan.


If you want to find content to pin and preschedule your pins for free (and who doesn’t) then take a look at Ahalogy. There is a downside. Users must be approved by Ahalogy in order to access the network. Once “in,” you can browse pins by category and add them to your own Pinterest feed.

Use the Pinmarklet to add pins from your site or any other site on the web. Each pin you make will include “liftwords.” These are automatic suggestions based on what Ahalogy believes your pin to be about. Click on the relevant “liftwords” or create your own to help other users find the sort of content they are searching for.

There are sponsored posts included in the content network. Users are given a score, what they term a “Partner Score,” based on what Ahalogy thinks their contribution to the community deserves and ranges from 0 – 100. Here’s what Ahalogy writes about the Partner Score.

The purpose of the Partner Score is to reward creators for being good members of the community. By sharing more content from the Content Network, your Partner Score will go up. As your Partner Score goes up, your content gets promoted higher in the Content Network.


Tailwind social media management tools
Tailwind is a Pinterest tool devised to help you schedule, track, and manage your Pinterest account.

Schedule social media posts for Pinterest and Instagram with Tailwind. They promise to craft a posting schedule to that’s based on factors including audience engagement, virality, and traffic. Bulk schedule pins and use the browser extension for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Or you can schedule your pins through your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Drag pins around the editorial calendar and drop them in the time and date that is best for you. Then, keep tabs on your repins, likes, comments, traffic, and revenue. You can analyze how well your posts are doing by category, board, keyword, and #hashtag. Receive email reports for an at-a-glance look at your strategy.

Tailwind also offers a free trial so you can get a better idea if the dashboard and features are a good fit for you. With more than 100,00occurringccuring through the service each day, you are in good company.


ViralTag pin scheduler
ViralTag is a pin scheduler that is not only easy to use but offers a great community of pins to choose among. If you have tried other pin schedulers that feature the same five people’s pins over and over, take a look at ViralTag.

There is a lot to love about ViralTag. The dashboard is simple, you can easily find all the info you need to create and share your pins, and finding new content is simple. Create graphics from within the site. Canva is a part of ViralTag so you can access all of the material you already have stored in your Canva account. It makes your workflow efficient.

Mark posts as “Evergreen” and ViralTag will reshare the most popular posts more than once. It’s a great way to keep your best content out there without extra effort on your part. Add in what day of the week and what time you want your posts to appear on Pinterest. Then, when you are scheduling pins, you can either click “add to the queue” and it will automatically fill-in-the-blanks, or you can choose a custom date and time. To see what you have finished, there is a list view and a calendar view available. It’s a fantastic option and has one of the nicest dashboards.


This pin scheduler promises to let you:

Discover Content, Schedule Posts, Monitor Conversations, Amplify Reach, and Analyze Results.

Connect your RSS feed so you can automatically have your new content pinned without extra effort. Then, schedule your Pinterest pins in bulk so you can focus on engaging with others. This platform is for more than bulk scheduling your pins, it is also a powerful analytical tool so you can view what is doing well, what isn’t, all while staying on top of the latest trends–and your competitors.

Promote your pins, groups, and boards to other ViralWoot users so you can grow your following (and find plenty of new content to pin). Choose to drip pin your old content. Pick which board you want to feed back into the loop. Then, you can republish your old content and pins to gain new exposure.

Use the ViralWoot Chrome extension so you can pin directly from your browser. There is a ViralWoot app for iOS so you can pin while on the go.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin by Valve Press

Pinterest Automatical Pin WordPress Plugin
The days of wasting time scheduling your new posts are over. Meet Pinterest Automatical Pin WordPress Plugin.

You may set rules so each post in a specific category goes to the set board in the rule when it is published. The plugin will not pin the same image multiple times so you don’t need to worry about that. If you have secret boards, this Pinterest plugin will let you set a rule and post for them too.

Process the queue at a specific interval and set up the time between pins. With the Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress plugin, you have options.

These options include:

  • Pin unlimited number of images
  • Post featured image as a pin
  • Scheduled posts support
  • Bulk Pin
  • Automatic Image detection
  • Automatic boards detection
  • Auto-link pins to your post
  • Spintax enabled (like {awesome|cool|nice}) only one word will be chosen randomly with a pin
  • Default pin text and pin board

Social Media Scheduling Tools for Pinterest

Pinterest users have different needs than other social networks. It doesn’t rely on hashtags (like Twitter) and it doesn’t depend on snappy text (like Facebook).

Instead, it relies on perfectly sized images. Travel always does especially well on Pinterest so even a brand new travel blogger can find a place on the site without feeling like they are always falling behind.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day. To keep up with your Pinterest account, use one of the tools above. It isn’t cheating. It is making good use of your time the best way you can. Don’t only promote your things. Include the work of others, engage with other pinners by favoriting a pin or dropping a comment, and watch your own following grow.

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