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Stuck? Here’s Where You Can Find Travel Writing Ideas

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Where can you go for travel blog ideas when you are just starting a travel blog? There are a surprising number of places you can go to find fresh new ideas for your blog. The best part is that these ideas are even free and even great for more experienced bloggers.Turn to an idea generator to develop your next big idea for your blog. This automatic software can provide the jolt you need to get back to writing. They may not be specifically for travel writing but they can get you thinking in a different way. Tweak it to suit your travel blog’s needs.

But there’s more. You can use other sources to uncover content. Who doesn’t love options? You don’t have to start from scratch each time. Instead, you can use the tools below for a helping hand.

Try to resist using these travel blog ideas as a crutch. You can and should develop your own content–but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a little nudge. What’s more, you can use some of the keyword tools to help you plan your content.

Enjoy this big list of unique and noteworthy travel writing ideas.

Travel Writing Generators

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpots Blog Topic Generator
If you want a travel blog idea generator, take a look at the one from Hubspot. While it isn’t specifically for travel blogs, it can definitely help you get started.

If you need a topic idea, take a look at HubSpot. Their blog content generator works very well. Here, you can see what happens when you use the simple term “travel.” If you don’t know what terms to use, and you get to use three, they suggest that you:

Answer questions like these: How do people describe your products or services? What problems do your products or services solve? What industry keywords do you want to rank for on Google?

Imagination Prompt Generator

Creativity Portal Imagination Writing Prompt
There is no way to tell what sort of writing prompt you will receive. It’s a great way to stretch your brain and see how you can twist ideas to match your travel blog

It may not be geared for a travel blog but you can make it work with a bit of creativity. Stretch your brain. You might even find it fun. Using the generator is easy. Push the button for a prompt. Don’t like the one you were supplied? Press again. And again. And again. Keep going until you find exactly what you need or at least something you can tweak for your purpose. Then get to work. You have writing to do.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Travel Blog Idea Generator
Who doesn’t love a blog idea generator that’s sassy and helpful all at the same time? That’s what you get with Porten’s Content Idea Generator. Add in your travel words to make it work for you.

Portent features a slick interface and fill-in-the-blank ideas. They do have a few tips to assist you so you may use the tool to its full potential. For example, only capitalize proper nouns, use the singular version of your keyword (so instead of “blogs” you would type “blog’), and then edit your result so it is grammatically correct. If you don’t like the suggestion you received, hit the refresh button and try, try again.

Travel Writing Prompts

Sometimes, your brain shuts down. You need to write something for your site but you can’t seem to come up with a good topic. That’s where writing prompts come in. These are questions for you to answer. Best of all, each of the writing prompts below pertain to travel. You won’t have to stress yourself out trying to make it work. Instead, you can scroll through and pick whatever speaks to you.

Build Creative Writing Ideas Travel Prompts

Build Creative Writing Ideas Travel Prompts
Ten questions of travel-related items on the Build Creating Writing Ideas site are sure to help you come up with something to write about.

Here are ten questions for you to answer. There’s nothing to type in or tweak. Instead, you will find a series of creative writing prompts that might have you recall a past trip where you had a horrible time or a memorable flight experience. With ten to choose among, there’s sure to be something that will work for your travel blog.

LitBridge Creative Writing Prompts about Traveling

LitBridge Creative-writing-prompts about traveling
There are plenty of options to fit a slew of different kinds of travel bloggers. Whether you want to find a travel prompt to write a poem or a work of fiction there are excellent options available.

The co-founders of the LitBridge site love to travel. This post features thirty total writing prompts relating to travel. What’s interesting and different about the travel prompts here is the fact that some are statements to aid you in developing a poem while others are related to works of fiction. If this fits your travel blog, it could be the beginning of something fabulous.

Travel Scrap HQ

Travel Scrap HQ Travel Journal Writing Prompts
Travel Scrap HQ Travel Journal writing prompts are all about the details. From packing up to what items you forgot, this site will provide personal travel bloggers with inspiration.

This site might be geared toward keepers of travel journals, but the content of this post works very well as a way to get your brain in motion. Take one of the prompts. It wants you to think about the advice you were given before you left. It asks if the advice was helpful but you can take it a step beyond. Why not include details about the trip and if you were seeking any advice in the first place and why or why not? There are some great prompts here you’ll be able to use.

CISAbroad Blog

CISAbroad Blog Travel Writing Prompts
Sure, the CISAbroad Blog is all about helping students spending several weeks overseas write about their experience. But that doesn’t mean some of the items don’t apply to travel bloggers. Take a look and see what you can use.

Although the next travel prompts are geared for students who are living abroad for a few weeks, a travel blogger just like you might find them particularly useful. Take, for instance, prompt #8. It reads, “Write about your favorite dish or snack from where you are and how it is prepared.” That could prove to be excellent blog fodder.

The API Abroad Blog 

API Abroad Blog Food Culture Travel Writing Prompts
If you focus on a more food-related niche on your travel blog, take a look at the API Abroad Blog for excellent food and culture travel prompts.

After watching a PBS series on food and culture, the author of these writing prompts decided to pen a few follow-up prompts. If your travel blog focuses on those things, and it likely does, you may find the ideas on this page useful. While it is a site created for those abroad, you may prove the content on this page beneficial.

More Ways to Find Travel Blog Ideas

There are tools to help you figure out what to write about (in addition to keyword research). Not only are they free to use (some do have a limit on how many times you can run a scan) but they can give you an eye-opening look at what people actually want. What you uncover may surprise you. Take advantage of whatever you unearth and boost your blog’s reach.

Take advantage of whatever you unearth and boost your blog’s reach. Not every idea is going to work for every travel blog but there is a chance you will find something that works for yours. Just remember to stay true to your blog and your vision.


FAQFox Keyword Research
FAQFox Keyword Research lets you do a bit of research that’s actually fun.

This isn’t a content generator. It’s a peek inside the head of your potential readers. Input a keyword you are targeting. Select a couple of websites or choose from a few categories. The tool will then provide a handy list of questions that people are asking based on that keyword. It can help get you thinking about composing related content on your site. After all, if someone else already has that question, why shouldn’t they find the answer on your travel blog?

Google Keyword Suggest Tool

Google Keyword Suggest Tool helps travel bloggers develop content
Google Keyword Suggest Tool helps travel bloggers develop content. Use it to come up with new ideas so you can write content that people are actually searching for.

Get related key phrases from whatever term you enter. It’s a great way to come up with more fodder for your blog by building or twisting whatever keywords pop up. Broaden your range by receiving related suggestions from Google, Bing, Youtube or Amazon. “Cruises” yielded the following results. There’s plenty more to dive into with this clean tool.


ScoopIt travel keywords
Enter in whatever keywords you want to associate with your travel blog. Then, let Scoop.It scours the web for matching keywords that you can post on your connected social network accounts.

Some blogs could benefit from the power of Scoop.it. Find related content through their website, add your own commentary, then share it on your blog and social networks through the service. It’s a snap to sign up for Scoop.it. For some blog niches, it could prove a real winner. See if you can make it work for you. It’s free to sign up though the site does offer premium plans.

Google Trends

Google Trends Travel Blog Terms
If you are wondering what kind of topics are currently trending, Google Trends will provide the answer. You can see how well the term is doing and where.

Throw in a search term (or three) for a post you are thinking of writing and instantly see the term’s popularity. If it’s stable or increasing, go with it. If you notice it is decreasing in popularity over time, you might want to tweak your idea or try again with another option. After all, if it isn’t something people are interested in knowing about, it won’t help you generate new eyes for your travel blog. View what countries are most popular with a keyword, see the way the keyword has trended over time, and even see related keywords. It’s convenient and could prove to be a handy addition to your travel blogging inspo.


BuzzSumo finds popular travel content and trends
Take a look at BuzzSumo. It helps you see what kind of content with your keywords are already popular. You can build on that information. What can you do better or twist to make it work for you?

Type in your keyword or topic and see what BuzzSumo will pop up. View the results over a certain time period or by the number of shares on a particular social network. How popular will a potential article of yours become? What is already out there? This tool is a starting point for seeing what is there, what is already popular, and dishing out a starting point for you to figure out how to top it. Fortunately, it’s also fast so you won’t waste time waiting for suggestions.


Feedly Keyword Alerts and Newsworthy articles
Meet Feedly. It’s a way to access your favorite sources, blogs, and then some to find relevant content related to whatever keywords you choose. With free and paid plans, you can find the Feedly plan that works for you.

Feedly is great for following publications, blogs, and even YouTube channels. Save a step by adding on Google Alerts. Follow the sites you already know and love, search for more and even use +Add Website > My Bookmarks to enable Feedly to make site suggestions based on your browsing history. That’s a particularly awesome trick. Use different styles to match your needs. Click whether you want to view a specific section in full article mode, magazine, mosaic, or by title. Seeing, reading, and analyzing the content of others could inspire you to develop a show-stopping spin-off.

How To Keep Coming Up with Ideas for a Travel Blog

The best way to have those ideas keep coming is to get out there. Plan that next trip, go take a walk around the block, or hit the trail. Find where inspiration hides.

Writing something, anything can help get those ideas flowing. The more you write, the faster you will get, and the easier it will become. For real.

Do you have any favorite travel writing prompts you want to share? Please leave them in the comments section below. 

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