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Jessica Nunemaker

Writer. Award-winning author. PBS Host. Newspaper columnist. It all began with Little Indiana. If it happened to me, it can happen to you. Use the resources on "Travel is a Blog" to successfully grow your own travel blog.

Where to Find Travel Jobs

Angel Co Find a Travel Job

Reading Time: 8 minutesWant travel jobs? You aren’t alone. You’ll discover plenty of places to find a travel blogging job right here. Spiff up that resume and make sure your blog is in good shape so when potential employers look it over you’ll keep their interest. Then? Apply away. Employers are looking to …

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10 Travel Blog Themes for a Site Design that Doesn’t Suck

Donatello Travel Blog Theme for WordPress/

Reading Time: 8 minutesA WordPress theme for a travel blogger needs flexibility. It should highlight images, include the option for a video for all of the vloggers out there, and it needs to look great. While you can find endless articles featuring themes other people think would work for travel bloggers, they aren’t ever …

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10 Social Media and Share Icon WordPress Plugins

Easy Social Share Buttons Plugin for WordPress

Reading Time: 8 minutesWhether you are working hard starting your travel blog or you just missed a step when its comes to social media, you likely want a way to gain likes and tweets and shares. While there are different ways to accomplish that task, this article will focus on adding this functionality via …

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Choosing the Best Travel Blog Names

Travel blog names

Reading Time: 9 minutesNames are powerful things. Wars have been started over them, feelings can be hurt by them, and when it comes to travel blog names, the name you choose will serve to establish your brand’s identity. Forever. It’s a big deal. This is how people will find your blog, refer to …

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Is a Travel Blog Right for You?

Travel blog inspiration

Reading Time: 9 minutesYou’ve been thinking about starting your own travel blog but maybe you aren’t sure if you should or not. You might even feel as though your idea isn’t good enough. You might worry that you can’t take images as good as that blogger or that your writing isn’t as strong …

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