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Writer. Award-winning author. PBS Host. Newspaper columnist. It all began with Little Indiana. If it happened to me, it can happen to you. Use the resources on "Travel is a Blog" to successfully grow your own travel blog.

How To Find Free Blog Images Quick and Easy

Reading Time: 15 minutesFree stock images can be found on a variety of sites and will help you take your travel blog or social network accounts from “ho-hum” to “great!” Not everyone takes great images. Even if you are perfectly capable, and some may say “good” at taking pictures, things happen. The weather …

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Better Travel Blogging? Sleep More

Want to be a better blogger then take a nap

Reading Time: 8 minutesTell a child to head to bed and there will be angry tears and stomping. Tell an adult to get some sleep and there will be tears of gratitude and joy–unless the “napper” is trying to do better travel blogging. In that case, there is crying, wailing, and a gnashing …

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Using ViralTag to Automate Your Pinterest Pinning

ViralTag Review

Reading Time: 5 minutesAfter reviewing a multitude of social media scheduling tools for auto posting to Pinterest, it was clear that ViralTag needed a closer look. This comprehensive Pinterest scheduler offers a variety of options to help you get the most out of your Pinterest pins without wasting time. Why ViralTag? For starters, …

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Social Media Management Tools for Pinterest

ViralTag pin scheduler

Reading Time: 8 minutesEvery travel blogger needs to create a free Pinterest account and start pinning but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or feel impossible. Yes, that goes for those of you who are just beginning your travel blog too. For those of you already in the trenches, you know that finding worthy pins …

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10 Free WordPress Themes for Your Travel Blog

Innovation WordPress Theme

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe WordPress platform is one of the easiest ways to start a travel blog. If you ever decide you want to do more with your blog, you will be able to make the switch from a WordPress hosted to a self-hosted WordPress blog without losing your content, images, and so …

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How To Start Writing a Travel Blog Post

how to write a travel blog article

Reading Time: 10 minutes Travel Blog Writing Fast Facts: Stick to a writing routine so you don’t forget to include a heading, subheadings, or links. Chunk up your posts into roughly three sentence paragraphs. Write a minimum of 500 words (put don’t add unnecessary words). Include images and other media to appeal to a …

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Can’t Miss Travel Writing Ideas

Travel writing ideas and inspiration for bloggers

Reading Time: 8 minutesFor those just starting a travel blog or for you veterans looking for new information from unexpected sources, you’ll find travel writing ideas right here. Take a look at the latest travel news from around the world. From the world’s most expensive taco to big news from LEGOLAND® to a …

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WordPress Travel Blog Themes for Photographers

Wordpress Photography Blog Tiffany Theme

Reading Time: 8 minutesWordPress travel photography themes aren’t hard to find but finding one that actual photographers could use certainly is. The right theme will emphasize images yet still do a nice job of fitting text and words on a post page for those that do some writing too. It’s always nice to …

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