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10 Free and Premium Ad Management Plugins to Help You Make Money Blogging

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This list of the best free and premium advertising management plugins for WordPress will help you decide what plugins to choose so you can create and manage your third party ads without the hassle. When you decide to get serious about making money blogging, offering advertising on your travel blog is a great first step once you’ve received a little traffic.

Whether you choose banner advertising like Google AdSense or you decide to offer banner advertising of your own that you make available to companies or businesses, staying on top of your advertising game takes time. If you are allowing others to purchase ad space, you have to determine when ads begin or end, where to place them, and how to accept payment.

If you turn to some of these WordPress advertising plugins, you can largely automate the process.

These ad manager plugins frequently allow you to do more than display an ad in your travel blog’s sidebar. You can do that already with the default text WordPress widget. These plugins can help you place your ads above or below your content and sometimes even within your content. There are sometimes even footer advertising options. Providing advertisers with alternatives isn’t a bad idea.

If you are only interested in ads like Google AdSense, you can still use ad management plugins to help you determine your best placement. You won’t have to be stuck with your sidebar just because you don’t know any web coding.

A WordPress ad placement plugin can help you display rotating ads and to style your ads to match your travel blog. The beauty of a plugin is that you don’t have to mess with coding. Whew! Upload, activate, configure according to the plugin’s directions, and go.

This is a comprehensive, dynamic list. As new WordPress advertising placement plugins are released into the wild, the best of the best will be added here.

Don’t stress. Let these WordPress ad manager plugins take care of the hard part so you can focus on starting your travel blog to make money.

Premium WordPress Ad Manager Plugins

Ads — Modern WordPress Ad Plugin by Scripteo

When you want an ad manager that provides plenty of options for easy configuration, take a look at Ads, a modern WordPress ads plugin by Scripteo. You can customize the colors of the fonts and the backgrounds.

There are a series of templates to choose among so you can achieve the look you want without a lot of fuss. Easily accept payment with PayPal integration. Change the currency, the currency symbol, and the format to match your country.

What’s more, your ad buyers can see how their ad is going to look on your travel blog with the live preview feature. That’s not all. The buyers can receive a link to their ad so they can view their statistics and see how well their ad has done.

Ads Fast Facts:

  • Change the color, fonts, and the background
  • Accept payments with PayPal
  • Use templates to change the look of your ad
  • Live preview manager for buyers to see how their ad is styled
  • Advertisers can view a link to their ad statistics

AdSanity by PixelJar

When you need an ad management option for your travel blog, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to use a complicated system, AdSanity to the rescue! This is another comprehensive ad manager that promises to be the answer for anyone who wants a simple solution for a complex issue.

They call themselves a “lightweight ad rotator plugin.” You might just call it the easiest decision you’ve made all day. If you already know how to manage your WordPress posts and categories, then you will have an easy time using AdSanity.

View how your ads are performing so you can make the necessary tweaks to help them do better. There are plenty of other options you’ll get to know. Check it out.

AdSanity Fast Facts:

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Extensive tutorials and documentation
  • Let ads end at a specific date or leave them forever
  • Create and manage ad groups
  • View clicks on your ads (except for certain publishers)

Aparg Smart Ads WordPress Ad Management Plugin by Aparg

Aparg SmartAd is a premium solution for ad management. Show your ads to your relevant visitors and make money from your travel blog. Decide what page, post, category, tag, or even language you want when it comes to choosing who will see your ad.

Do some of your readers have ad blockers installed? Aparg SmartAd will show a customize message regarding the block so you can try to gain those otherwise lost readers back. Check your stats to see how your ads are doing over specific periods of time and in different ways.

Finally, let your ad match your vision. Customize your ads easily with the sleek dashboard. You can even export your graphs via .pdf to share with your clients, sponsors, and advertisers.

Aparg SmartAd Fast Facts:

  • Different campaign types include: background, popup, and embed
  • Suspend an ad by date, views, or clicks
  • Responsive
  • Translation ready (English, German, French, Russian and Armenian are included)
  • SmartAd visual composer to make ad styling simple

OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher Ad Manager for WordPress
OIO Publisher is the total package of ad management. A demo helps you get a feel for the OIO Publisher backend and how it will work for you–and keep advertisers happy.

If you are searching for an out-of-the-box solution to help with your ad management, check out OIO Publisher. This plugin offers users a one-time purchase with the ability to then use the plugin on any of the sites that he or she owns.

Sell different forms of advertising including text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews without the hassle. The OIO Publisher Demo makes it easy to see how the plugin works, how it can be configured, and whether or not it will work for what you need.

Support is provided and there are tutorials to help walk you through setup and how to use the plugin (though much of it is self-explanatory).

OIO Publisher Fast Facts:

  • Ad purchases and expiration is automatic
  • Tracking for clicks and impressions
  • Weekly reports emailed to advertisers
  • Show default ads until ad slots are purchased by advertisers

WordPress (WP) Ads Adder Plus by wpkraft

Ads Adder Plus WordPress Advertising Management Plugin
Take a look at this WordPress Advertising Management solution. This plugin offers more than twenty slots and a simple dashboard with responsive ad support.

WordPress Ads Adder+ offers a simple interface that’s free of distractions. This plugin will help you make sure that you can do more than placing your adverts inside your sidebar. Ads Adder Plus allows multiple ad slots from within your posts as your theme allows. You can decide how you want your ads to align on your own.

Don’t waste any space. There are more than twenty-two ad slots available with sidebar and footer support. You can use ten normal ads, ten random ads, and use two within your post the max of twenty-two spaces. Randomize and rotate your ads to ensure that they each receive equal attention.

These ads are responsive. Use shortcodes to easily insert your ad anywhere. Video and flash banner ads are supported by WordPress Ads Adder+.

Ads Adder+ Fast Facts:

  • One click installation
  • Compatibility with most any theme or plugin
  • Twenty-two ad slots (ten normal, ten random, and two that can appear within the post)
  • Supports sidebar and footer ads
  • Random and rotating ad support

Free WordPress Ad Management Plugins

Ad Inserter by Igor Funa

WP Ad Inserter Plugin
Who knew free WordPress ad management plugins could have so many options? View WP Ad Inserter. It offers up dynamic ad placement.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer Google AdSense or use Amazon ads, Ad Inserter can handle them all. There are sixteen different ad placement blocks you may use in the free version so you can better set your ads where they work best for you and your readers instead of whatever default placement occurs with your WordPress travel blog theme.

There are four different ad insertion options. These include automatic insertion, widget, shortcode, and PHP function call. See? Plenty of options. If that seems too overwhelming for you, never fear.

Why, there is even Ad Inserter documentation to help you get a head start and make the most of the plugin, whether you use the free or pro version.

Ad Inserter Fast Facts:

  • Sixteen code blocks
  • Preview your code with the visual CSS editor
  • Insert ads before or after a post, content, paragraph, or an excerpt
  • Black and white list to help you set your ads to display per your requirements
  • Desktop and mobile device detection

Advanced Ads by Thomas Maier

Advanced Ads WordPress Ad Manager Plugin
For a free WordPress ad management plugin, you don’t need to look any further than Advanced Ads. Made by a publisher for publishers, it offers plenty of options in an easy to use format.

Who would better know what a publisher needs when it comes to a WordPress ad manager plugin than another publisher? That’s what the creator behind Advanced Ads did when he needed a better solution that’s fully loaded with amazing options.

Set visitor conditions so your ad is viewed by people from a location, by the device used, or whether or not a visitor is logged in (to name a few). Choose where your ad should display with a slew of different conditions, from pages to categories, by author or within posts.

Advanced Ads is lightweight and great for testing and optimizing your WordPress banner ads.

Advanced Ads Fast Facts:

  • Simple banner creation
  • Group together ads to create ad rotations
  • Pre-schedule your ads for when you want them to go live
  • Import or export your ads and settings
  • Choose where your ads should be displayed

Corner Ad by CodePeople

Corner Ad by Code People
Corner Ad is a minimally invasive advert option by Code People. It keeps a single ad at the top of the page, left or right, and expands the ad after someone clicks on it.

If you don’t want to get in the way of your readers and you don’t have a dynamic list of advertising options, take a look at Corner Ad by Code People. You’ve probably visited websites that were mostly advertising with a hint of text. This free WordPress plugin will take your ads in the opposite direction.

Place your ad in the top corner. As the developer says,  it “attracts users’ attention by a cool visual effect imitating a page flip.” Once the mouse hovers over the ad, it opens up, until the mouse is moved off of the ad.

You can customize the background color to better match your travel blog. You can also set the open and close times for your Corner Ad. Use different ads on different pages if you would like. Perfectly minimal.

Corner Ad Fast Facts:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Uses Flash
  • Customize colors
  • Set open and close times
  • Useful for announcements, news, and anything else that needs attention

SAM Pro (Free Edition) by Minimus

SAM Pro Free Edition WordPress Ads Rotator Plugin
SAM Pro Free Edition is another rotating ads plugin perfect for WordPress users who want easy rotating ads. All it takes is a page refresh.

Decide where your ad should appear. You may use post and page IDs, categories, tags, custom post types, and more. That way, you can ensure that you always focus on the most relevant audience for a particular ad.

Let your ads rotate each time with a simple page refresh. This way, you can be sure that all of your advertisers get the equal attention of your readers.

Automatically embed your ads into posts and pages, choose where they want to go, keep them random, and you are ready to roll. The SAM Pro (Free Edition) will help you make the most of your ads.

SAM Pro (Free Edition) Fast Facts

  • Choose where ads appear using posts, pages, tags, etc.
  • Random ad appearance with page refresh
  • Multitude of ad types are supported including image, Flash, JS, and PHP
  • Use widgets, shortcodes, and functions to display your ads
  • Open source software

WP-Insert by Namith Jawahar

WP Insert Ad Management Plugin
WP Insert Ad is another free WordPress ad manager that offers a wealth of handy options. Keep your site speedy and put your ads where you want with this open source plugin.

Don’t bog down your site with bloated plugins. WP-Insert is another lightweight freebie ad management plugin to help you optimize the placement of your advertising banners.

Yes, you can decide if you want your WP-Insert ads to go above, below, or to either side of your post’s content or you can use the “smart” feature to place your ads within your posts themselves.

Style your ads to match your travel blog and use geo-targeting to show them to relevant readers. This ad management plugin makes inserting your Google Analytics code a snap.

WP-Insert Fast Facts:

  • Choose placement for your ads
  • Use ad widgets to set your ads in the sidebar
  • Control where and how you want your ads to be displayed
  • Legal page templates for your privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer, and copyright to help get you started
  • Geo-targeting lets you choose who sees your ads

Ad Management Plugin Options for Your WordPress Travel Blog

Isn’t it nice to know that you have plenty of options? Browse through the plugins listed above and see what each ad management plugin has to offer before you commit to a specific one.

Whether you want something you can get up and run quickly or you want a slew of options and features, these plugins have it. That way, you can get what you need without too many extras or not enough–so you can get back to writing your travel blog.

Keep in mind that not every plugin will work with every site. Read the fine print before committing to a purchase. Some plugins will list specific plugins that they do not play well with or may have special considerations to note.

With the thousands of WordPress travel blog themes out there, it is impossible for a plugin developer to know what will or won’t work with what theme or what plugin. With that in mind, make sure that the developer offers support in case your premium ad management plugin doesn’t work as stated and that refunds are possible.

Are there WordPress ad management plugins you use and love? Why? Is there a WordPress ad manager plugin you found that doesn’t appear on this list? Please, leave a comment below and it will be added to the list. 

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